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Challenge of a lifetime

Erins Army Charity Event

A member of our very own staff Daniel Piggott and his old friends from school are taking on a challenge of a life time.

They are taking part in the Tough Mudder and in the Chester Marathon in support of Erin Cross. She's the two and a half year old daughter of Sarah and Antony Cross, they know Antony through his work at Bishops' High School where he is Head of Design Technology and a Sixth Form Tutor.

In December 2012, Erin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, a cancer of the white blood cells. This came as a massive shock to the family who still can't believe this has happened to their precious little girl.

Sarah said "This is one of those things that happens to someone else, you just never think it will happen to your little girl and when it does it turns your world upside down."

Erin has undergone many rounds of gruelling chemotherapy since diagnosis, however in late January Sarah and Antony received a test result that showed Erin's Leukaemia to be in high risk of relapse. At this point Erin was moved onto a more intensive treatment plan with even stronger chemotherapy. 

Antony said "When Erin started with the stronger medication the side effects were horrible, seeing Erin so unwell made it seem like we were starting from the beginning again"

During Erin's treatment she has also been cared for at The Countess of Chester Hospital Children's Ward, by The Hospital at Home Team and by Vicky Higgins, The Community Oncology Nurse.

Erin has gone on to make good progress with her treatment and should be on maintenance in September which will involve regular visits to Alder Hey until December 2014.

Inspired by the work of Peter Coates, they are going to show Erin and the Cross family the amount of support they have! With the help of you guys out there, they are hoping to raise a small fortune for Erin and Alderhey! 

Although the weekend of madness is not until October, the fundraising and training starts now! 

On our Faccebook page they will be keeping you all up to date on what they have been doing fundraising and training wise!

PLEASE spread the word let everyone know what ERINS ARMY is all about!

If you have any questions or any suggestions, do not hesitate to message the Facebook page or get in contact with one of the boys!

Callum Bowness, Matthew McCann, Daniel Piggott, Peter Boxall, Elliot Pryce, Bradley Stanley and Daryl Ruane! (ERINS ARMY)

Saturday October 5th:
Tough Mudder is a hardcore 12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces!

Sunday October 6th:
Chester Marathon 26 miles of solid running!

A half marathon followed by a full marathon!

Facebook Page

Donations Page:

Wish them luck! 

Erin Cross

Published 15/05/2013
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