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Grease Traps now in stock!

Forward Builders' Supplies now stock 40 Litre Domestic Grease Traps and 200 Litre Commercial Grease Traps

A major problem in the drainage system in dwelling houses restaurants, bars, etc. is the build up of grease and waste solids in the drainage system. While the grease is still warm it flows freely but once it cools it solidifies and eventually blocks the pipes. Therefore it is necessary to remove this grease at an early stage from the drainage system. This procedure also minimises pollution of the waterways.

40 Litre Domestic Grease Trap  - GT01

200 Litre Commercial Grease Trap - GT02

The grease trap can be easily installed in new and existing waste water systems where 110mm piping is already being used.

Published 16/08/2012
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