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Shimpac Planks!

Shimpac planks are now stocked at Forwards Ellesmere Port depot

At our Ellesmere Port depot we know stock Shimpac Planks at the size 610mm x 100mm x 12mm

Shimpac is the answer:
  • Stays Level
  • High Compressive stength
  • Compatible with all mortars
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Spreads Traffic Loading
  • Absorbs Shock / No Weak Spots
  • Minimises Traffic Disruption

Composition: Shimpac planks and collars are a combination of compressed cement (70%) and treated wood fibres (15%).

Compressive strength: 39-49 N/mm² (independent site and laboratory testing)

Mortar compatibility: Can be installed using fast setting mortar

  • Carriageway and footpath ironwork support e.g.
  • Manhole frames and covers
  • Gully gratings
  • Hydrant and sluice valve boxes
  • Stop tap, rodding eye and cable TV boxes
Since the first installation of Shimpac in 1987 there has not been one known failure 

Published 12/11/2012
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