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Azpects BCS – Block & Concentrate Sealer

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EASY Seal BCS is a water-based, high grade surface sealer & sand binder for block paving & concrete. It provides a wear-resistant coating for concrete & brick surfaces and has been specially formulated for block paving, penetrating the surface and stabilising the jointing sand. Once dried, the sand and blocks are bonded together.
Using the latest technology it provides durable surface protection. On previously untreated surfaces it penetrates as well as giving a surface coating which will result in the paving having a changed appearance. This could manifest itself by giving a matt or satin sheen to the paving.
EASYSeal BCS can be used on a variety of concrete paving materials that may be used to create well-drained driveways, paths, walkways and patios.

  • Covers up to 40m².
  • High grade surface sealer & sand binder.
  • Can be used on damp surfaces.
  • Particularly suitable for interlocking concrete & clay blocks.
  • Bonds the sand & blocks together.
  • Eliminates weed growth in the joints.
  • Reduces ant/insect nuisances.
  • Stops loss of sand by wind & rain.
  • Provides a wear resistant coating.
  • Impedes algae & lichen growth.
  • Surface coating withstands sensible pressure washing & detergents.
  • Sand stays in the joints.
  • Excellent oil & water repellent.
  • Stain resistant properties.
  • Resists general dirt & grime.
  • Suitable for internal & external use.


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