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Azpects Slate & Limestone Sealer

£37.49 Each

Seals, enhances and enriches colour.
EASYSeal Slate & Limestone is an advanced water based high performance sealer using the latest technology to provide a waterproof, breathable, transparent yet durable seal to limestone and slate. Solvent free and easy to use, EASYSeal Slate & Limestone helps to repel dirt and stains and inhibits the growth of moss and algae. For use only on slate or limestone. To enhance other porous natural stone types, use EASYSeal Sandstone Sealer & Enhancer.

  • Covers up to 25m ²
  • For use on ALL slate and limestone paving.
  • Enriches and stabilises colour, especially black.
  • Exaggerates the colours of the stone in their natural state.
  • Clear protective seal against water, oil, grease and stains.
  • Quick drying – improves slip resistance.
  • Inhibits the growth of moss & algae.
  • Solvent free sealer.
  • Allows the stone to breathe.
  • Water based technology.

Note Natural stone varies in levels of porosity, therefore on more porous stone the coverage will be less and more product will be required. Adding more coats will increase the effect and provide a higher level of protection. For even greater colour enrichment apply a 3rd coat before the 2nd is dry. Applying additional coats to the Slate or Limestone when the previous coat is completely dry may result in pooling and a patchy finish. Do not apply more than 3 coats. The final result will simply be an exaggeration of the natural stone colours in their natural state. The full curing process takes up to 24 hours €“ longer in cold conditions.

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