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Lido Plus 30mm

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A realistic, lush textured artificial grass with natural green tones designed to make any garden look beautiful.

Lido Plus 30mm artificial grass features a variety of natural olive tones and a soft texture which is perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful lawn with minimal effort. C-shape profiled fibres offer excellent performance whilst ensuring the perfect look is always maintained.

If you’re looking for a beautiful lawn which requires minimal maintenance, Lido Plus is the artificial turf for you.

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Lido Plus is available in 4m widths to any length (to the nearest 100cm). Full roll size is 4m x 25m.

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Using Lido Plus 30mm artificial grass 

Lido Plus has been designed to be used in a wide range of garden projects. A realistic mix of natural olive tones gives Lido Plus a depth and warmth missing in alternative artificial grass options, while still being durable enough to handle everything life throws its way. 

From show gardens to balconies and front lawns, Lido Plus has proven to be perfectly suited for use is a huge variety of areas while still maintaining that perfect look. 

The benefits 

  • Seven-year guarantee. We want our products to last, but if something does go wrong you can rely on our team to resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible 
  • Easy, fast installation ensures your lawn is in place quickly and with minimal stress 
  • Flammability tested (BS 4790)  
  • 10-15-year life expectancy. Why re-seed your lawn every year when you can set it and forget it for a decade or more? 
  • Full UV protection ensures your lawn maintains its colour over the years and doesn’t fade in the sun 
  • High-quality, durable backing 


  1. Mark out the area, remove any plants and litter before creating a stone or sand base 
  2. Ensure the base is level before lightly compacting it. Although not required, laying a weed suppression membrane is helpful at this stage 
  3. Starting from a corner of the area you’re covering, lay out the artificial grass 
  4. Trim any excess grass 
  5. Fold over any neighbouring edges between cuts and lay your fixing tape so it underlaps both 

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