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Nexus ® ProJoint V75-WT

£59.99 Each

A specialist solution to filling joints between paving slabs and setts, suitable for natural stone and concrete paving on pedestrian or vehicular areas with medium to heavy vehicle loads up to 7.5 tonnes (for example domestic or commercial areas). The two-part epoxy resin system is easily mixed and quickly applied as a slurry to dampened paving. It has increased water tolerance to give the great advantage of enabling use in damp weather and light rain.

Available in three colours: neutral (buff), mid grey and black.

  • Two-part resin based mortar system, cement free
  • Medium to heavy traffic loads up to 7.5 tonnes, ideal for driveways and high traffic areas
  • Fast application
  • Easy: no more bending or kneeling and much less effort
  • Applied to wet surfaces and increased water tolerance for use in light rain
  • Professional results: no mess, and no returning for cleaning
  • Self compacting and suitable for joint widths from 5mm upwards
  • Weed, pressure washer and frost resistant

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