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Where Do We Deliver To?

We deliver nationwide. We exclude the following mainland postcodes for where we can deliver to: IV, PH, KW, PA, KA.

When Do We Deliver?

We deliver Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays), between 7:30am and 6pm. We don’t offer a delivery service over the weekend. All the items within your order must be delivered to one single address. We’ll always try our best to meet the estimated delivery timescales we give you. However, we won’t be held responsible for any failure to deliver your order within the stated timescales, provided we deliver the products within 30 days of receiving your payment, or within a longer time period if we’ve expressly agreed this with you. If we can’t deliver your order within this timescale, we’ll let you know and give you the opportunity to either wait for the products or cancel your contract. If you choose to cancel, we’ll give you a full refund including any delivery charges that apply.

We strongly recommend that you don’t book fitters or tradesmen until we’ve delivered your order in full and you’ve checked it over. Please note that we can’t be held responsible for any charges made by fitters or tradesmen as a result of your order not being delivered, or because you didn’t check your delivery before booking their services.

Delivery Costs In Detail:

Our delivery costs are based on multiple factors of weights, sizes, quantities' and the delivery postcode for each individual item you are ordering. This is so we can accurately calculate the best possible price. This is calculated in the cart section once you enter your postcode, this is so you can get a clear view of any costs before checking out and entering any payment details.

Local Area (Approx. 50 miles surrounding area of our depot)

FREE! No minimum order value.

Postcodes: BB1, BB2, BB3, BB5, BL, CH, CW, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L7, L8, L9, LL11, LL12, LL13, LL14, LL15, LL16, LL17, LL18, LL19, LL20, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, OL1, OL2, OL4, OL5, OL6, OL7, OL8, OL9, OL10, PR1, PR2, PR25, PR26, PR4 4, PR4 5, PR4 6, PR5, PR6, PR7, PR8, PR9, SK1, SK10, SK11, SK12, SK14, SK15, SK16, SK2, SK3, SK4, SK5, SK6, SK7, SK8, SK9, SY11, SY12, SY13, SY14, SY4, WA, WN

Zone A

Small samples - £3.99, large samples - £11.99, small parcles, £12.99 - £25.98, large parcels £12.99 - £51.96, 1x 1/4 pallet - £46.99, 1x 1/2 pallet - £59.99, 1x full pallet - £64.99

Postcodes: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, BB10, BB11, BB12, BB18, BB6, BB7, BB8, BB9, BD1, BD10, BD11, BD12, BD13, BD14, BD15, BD16, BD17, BD18, BD19, BD2, BD20, BD21, BD22, BD3, BD4, BD5, BD6, BD7, BD8, BD9, BD97, BD98, BD99, CV, DE, DN, DY, FY, HD, HU, HX, LE, LN, LS, NN, OL11, OL12, OL13, OL14, OL15, OL16, OL3, PR3, PR4 0, PR4 1, PR4 2, PR4 3, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, SK13, SK17, SK22, SK23, ST, SY1, SY2, SY3, SY5, SY6, TF, WF, WS, WV.

Zone B

Small samples - £3.99, large samples - £11.99, small parcles, £12.99 - £25.98, large parcels £12.99 - £51.96, 1x 1/4 pallet - £57.99, 1x 1/2 pallet - £73.99, 1x full pallet - £77.99

Postcodes: AL, BA20, BA21, BA22, BD23, BD24, BH, BS, CB1, CB2, CB3, CB4, CB5, CB6, CB7, CB8, CB9, CF10, CF11, CF14, CF15, CF23, CF24, CF3 , CF31, CF32, CF33, CF34, CF35, CF36, CF37, CF38, CF39, CF40, CF41, CF42, CF43, CF44, CF45, CF46, CF47, CF48, CF5 , CF61, CF62, CF63, CF64, CF71, CF72, CF81, CF82, CF83, CM0 , CM9 , CO11, CO12, CO13, CO14, CO15, CO16, CO2 , CO4 , CO5 , CO7 , DH1 , DH2 , DH3 , DH4 , DH5 , DH6 , DH7 , DH8 , DH9 , DH97, DH99, DL1 , DL10, DL11, DL12, DL13, DL14, DL15, DL16, DL17, DL2 , DL3 , DL4 , DL5 , DL6 , DL7 , DL8 , DL9 , GL, GU, HA, HG, HP, HR, IP1 , IP10, IP11, IP12, IP13, IP14, IP15, IP16, IP17, IP18, IP19, IP2 , IP20, IP21, IP23, IP3 , IP4 , IP5 , IP6 , IP8 , IP9 , LA1 , LA10 , LA11, LA12, LA13, LA14, LA15, LA16, LA17, LA18, LA19, LA2 , LA20, LA21, LA22, LA23, LA3 , LA4 , LA5 , LA6 , LA7 , LA8 , LA9 , LU, ME, MK, NE1 , NE10, NE11, NE12, NE13, NE15, NE16, NE17, NE18, NE2 , NE21, NE23, NE24, NE25, NE26, NE27, NE28, NE29, NE3 , NE30, NE31, NE32, NE33, NE34, NE35, NE36, NE37, NE38, NE39, NE4 , NE40, NE41, NE42, NE43, NE44, NE45, NE5 , NE6 , NE7 , NE8 , NE82, NE83, NE85, NE88, NE9 , NE92, NE98, NE99, NG, NP, NR12, NR13, NR14, NR15, NR28, NR29, NR30, NR31, NR32, NR33, NR34, NR35, NR7 , OX1 , OX10, OX11, OX12, OX13, OX14, OX15 , OX16 , OX17 , OX18, OX2 , OX20, OX25 , OX26 , OX27 , OX28 , OX29, OX3 , OX33, OX39, OX4 , OX44, OX49, OX5 , OX6 , OX65, OX66, OX67, OX68, OX69, OX7 , OX70, OX71, OX8 , OX9 , PE1 , PE10, PE11, PE12, PE13, PE14, PE15, PE16, PE17, PE18, PE19, PE2 , PE20, PE21, PE22, PE23, PE24, PE25, PE26, PE27, PE28, PE29, PE3 , PE30, PE31, PE32, PE33, PE34, PE35, PE36, PE37, PE38, PE4 , PE5 , PE6 , PE7 , PE8 , PE9 , PO1 , PO10, PO11, PO12, PO13, PO14, PO15, PO16, PO17, PO18, PO19, PO2 , PO20, PO21, PO22, PO3 , PO4 , PO5 , PO6 , PO7 , PO8 , PO9 , SG, SN, SR, SS, TA, TS, UB, WR, YO.

Zone C

Small samples - £5.99, large samples - £11.99, small parcles, £15.49 - £30.98, large parcels £15.49 - £61.96, 1x 1/4 pallet - £74.99, 1x 1/2 pallet - £93.99, 1x full pallet - £99.99

Postcodes: CR, IG, N11, N12, N13, N14, N18, N20, N21, N3 , N9 , NW10, NW11, NW2 , NW4 , NW7 , NW9 , RM, SM, IP22, NR1 , NR10, NR16, NR17, NR18, NR19, NR2 , NR20, NR21, NR22, NR23, NR3 , NR4 , NR5 , NR6 , NR8 , NR9 , SL, DA, TW, SY99, E10, E11, E12, E13, E14, E15, E16, E17, E18, E2 , E20, E3 , E4 , E5 , E6 , E7 , E77, E8 , E9 , E98, N1, N10, N15, N16, N17, N19, N2 , N22, N4 , N5 , N6 , N7 , N8 , NW1, NW3 , NW5 , NW6 , NW8 , W10, W11, W12, W13, W14, W1A, W1B, W1C, W1D, W1F, W1G, W1H, W1J, W1K, W1S, W1T, W1U, W1W, W2, W3 , W4 , W5 , W6 , W7 , W8 , W9 , E1 , E1W, EC, N1C, SE, SW, WC, BA1 , BA10, BA11, BA12, BA13, BA14, BA15, BA16, BA17, BA18, BA19, BA2 , BA3 , BA4 , BA5 , BA6 , BA7 , BA8 , BA9 , CO10, CO6 , CO8 , CO9 , IP24, IP25, IP26, IP27, IP28, IP29, IP30, IP31, IP32, IP33, IP7 , IP98, NE19, NE20, NE22, NE46, NE47, NE48, NE49, NE61, NE62, NE63, NE64, NE65, NE66, NE67, NE68, NE69, NE70, NE71, SY7 , SY8 , SY9 , CM1 , CM11, CM12, CM13, CM14, CM15, CM16, CM17, CM18, CM19, CM2 , CM20, CM21, CM22, CM23, CM24, CM3 , CM4 , CM5 , CM6 , CM7 , CM77, CM8 , CO1 , CO3 , CT, EN, NR11, NR24, NR25, NR26, NR27, RG, SO, SP, WD, BN, BR, CA, DT1 , DT10, DT11, DT2 , DT3 , DT4 , DT5 , DT6 , DT7 , DT8 , DT9 , KT, LL21, LL22, LL23, LL24, LL25, LL26, LL27, LL28, LL29, LL30, LL31, LL32, LL33, LL34, LL35, LL36, LL40, LL41, LL57, RH, TN, DG, EH1 , EH10, EH11, EH12, EH13, EH14, EH15, EH16, EH17, EH18, EH19, EH2 , EH20, EH21, EH22, EH23, EH24, EH25, EH26, EH27, EH28, EH29, EH3 , EH30, EH31, EH32, EH33, EH34, EH35, EH36, EH37, EH38, EH39, EH4 , EH40, EH41, EH42, EH43, EH44, EH45, EH46, EH47, EH48, EH49, EH5 , EH51, EH52, EH53, EH54, EH55, EH6 , EH7 , EH8 , EH9 , EH95, EH99, EX, FK1 , FK10, FK2 , FK3 , FK4 , FK5 , FK6 , FK7 , G1 , G10, G11, G12, G13, G14, G15, G2 , G20, G21, G22, G23, G3 , G31, G32, G33, G34, G4 , G40, G41, G42, G43, G44, G45, G46, G5 , G51, G52, G53, G58, G6 , G60, G61, G62, G63, G64, G65, G66, G67, G68, G69, G7 , G70, G71, G72, G73, G74, G75, G76, G77, G78, G79, G8 , G81, G82, G83, G84, G9 , KA1 , KA10, KA11, KA12, KA13, KA14, KA15, KA16, KA17, KA18, KA19, KA2 , KA20, KA21, KA22, KA23, KA24, KA25, KA26, KA29, KA3 , KA30, KA4 , KA5 , KA6 , KA7 , KA8 , KA9 , LD, LL37, LL38, LL39, LL42, LL43, LL44, LL45, LL46, LL47, LL48, LL49, LL51, LL52, LL53, LL54, LL55, LL56, LL58, LL59, LL60, LL61, LL62, LL63, LL64, LL65, LL66, LL67, LL68, LL69, LL70, LL71, LL72, LL73, LL74, LL75, LL76, LL77, LL78, ML1 , ML10, ML11, ML12, ML2 , ML3 , ML4 , ML5 , ML6 , ML7 , ML8 , ML9 , PA1 , PA10, PA11, PA12, PA13, PA14, PA15, PA16, PA17, PA18, PA19, PA2 , PA3 , PA4 , PA5 , PA6 , PA7 , PA8 , PA9 , PL, SA, SY10, SY15, SY16, SY17, SY18, SY19, SY20, SY21, SY22, SY23, SY24, SY25, TQ, DD, FK11, FK12, FK13, FK14, FK15, FK16, FK17, FK18, FK19, FK20, FK21, FK8 , FK9 , KY, PH1 , PH11, PH12, PH13, PH14, PH2 , PH3 , PH4 , PH5 , PH6 , PH7 , TD, TR, PH10, PH8 , PH9.


We’ll always try to make one single delivery where possible. However, this may not always be possible. Where your order contains a mix of products with different delivery lead times, the longest lead time will always apply to the entire order.

Receiving Your Deliveries

All deliveries must be received and signed for by a person aged 18 or over. If no one is available to take the delivery, we’ll call you to arrange placing it in a safe place or agree a suitable date and time for re-delivery. Re-delivery may incur an additional handling charge. If no one is available to receive the re-delivery, we may cancel your order and refund your payment, minus any delivery and handling charges.

Notifications For Order Status & Delivery

Orders made online for delivery outside of our local area postcodes: deliveries will be booked in with a courier on an economy service. You will be notified via email the morning of the day your order is expected to be delivered.

Orders made online to be delivered within our local area postcodes: an email will be sent to you on the morning your order is out for delivery.

Orders made in-store or over the phone for delivery within our local area postcodes: deliveries are made within approx. 5 working days. If this delivery time frame can’t be met we will be in touch with you to confirm a delivery date. Specific delivery dates required would have to be agreed prior to purchasing products with a colleague and confirmed in writing.

Times Deliveries Are Made Within

Deliveries are made between 7:30am and 6pm. We won't be able to advise an exact time of delivery.

Size Of Wagons A Delivery Will Be Made On

Our standard delivery service uses a 7.5 tonne (Around the size of a small removal vehicle), 26 tonne (around the size of a bin lorry) or a 44 tonne vehicle (Around the size of an artic lorry).

Access Requirements For Delivery

In all cases, the vehicle must have clear access to your property and there must be no restrictions to prevent offloading.

If you’re outside of our local area the items will be unloaded from the back of the lorry using a tail-lift (a platform that lowers down). The pallets are then rolled off the vehicle, therefore it is very important that the ground is level and hard such as tarmac or concrete. This method is only used by our third party carrier if you are outside of our local area.

Deliveries made within our local area are offloaded via rigid vehicles with mechanical offload. Grass, compacted soil and gravel are not suitable areas for unloading. It is important to note that the items will usually be left kerb-side as we will not be able to take the large delivery vehicles onto your driveway due to the risk of damage to your property.

Other delivery options might be available for difficult delivery locations, so please be sure to advise us in advance if you foresee any problems with the delivery. As there will be costly re-delivery fees if we have to make further attempts to deliver as a result of potential problems not being reported in advance.

Do I Need To Be At Home To Accept The Delivery?

We require you or a representative to be at home to receive the goods if possible, just in case the driver encounters any difficulties with parked cars blocking the way for example. If you are at home, this kind of problem can usually be resolved at the time rather than incurring any re-delivery charges.

Will All Items Arrive Together?

As a general rule all items will arrive as one delivery presuming they have been ordered at the same time. Occasionally exceptions to this rule will occur, however we will advise you of this in advance. All small items such as paving sealant, paint and mortar products are potentially sent via a separate courier service.

Will You Deliver Items Onto My Driveway Or In My Back Garden?

We offer a kerbside delivery as standard; however, the driver may be able to move the pallet closer to your property but this depends on the ease of access and is at the discretion of the driver. The hand trolley, if available, will not wheel over gravel or soft ground.

What To Do With Packaging Your Order Is Delivered On?

You are responsible for disposing of all packaging your order is delivered in/on. We package orders in a mixture of packaging, depending on what products are being sent. Cardboard boxes, recycled paper, plastic wrap & bubble wrap can all be disposed of within normal household recycling / waste options. Some orders are delivered on wooden pallets, which you also are responsible for disposing of.

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