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Sandstone Paving

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Why choose sandstone paving?

Despite the growth and popularity of newer paving materials such as porcelain paving, sandstone continues to be a popular choice of paving for driveways, patios, and other landscaping projects.

Here are some of the key reasons why sandstone paving continues to be chosen for gardens:


Durability - sandstone is extremely durable as it absorbs a minimal amount of water. If cared for correctly, sandstone paving slabs and pavers can last for decades - even with the UK’s adverse weather conditions.


Texture - sandstone paving tends to have a slightly uneven or rippled surface that gives it the character that makes it so appealing. At Forward, we stock a range of textures to suit your desired style - from our smoother sawn raj blend indian sandstone to our more naturally riven surfaced modak rose sandstone kit.


Style - as well as being a natural stone, sandstone paving comes in beautiful colour tones that you may not always get with manufactured paving options. The natural variation of tones and veining means each sandstone slab is unique, with the colour blends hard to mimic elsewhere.


Maintenance - in the UK, to get longevity out of any garden paving, some basic maintenance must be carried out. The benefit is that sandstone paving is easy to maintain, and you can keep it simple when it comes to cleaning. With diluted household bleach and some elbow grease, you can have your sandstone paving looking pristine. It is advised to make this a routine every couple of months to keep dirt and algae growth to a minimum.


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