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Quick Wins in the Garden

If parts of the garden aren’t quite up to scratch and you’ve not got much time, then follow this list of ‘quick wins’. These ideas will transform your outside space and get rid of that unsightly spot forever.

Cover it with Decorative Gravel

Choose one and spread it out!

That’s as complicated as it gets, and it will literally change the appearance of a small or large area in an instant. Don’t forget to put a weed-proof membrane down first to save your back later.

With our range of decorative gravels, you’ll be spoilt for choice, which means you can match it to your property and the whole family will be impressed with your design skills.

Install an Arbour with built-in storage

This is not only a genius idea, but it’s super quick to install and comes with a ton of brownie points built-in.

This is a double-whammy in terms of tidying up two spaces at once.

These Arbours are beautiful, easy to put up and give you a lovely sheltered focal point that you can grow your favourite climbers against. But…they also have a really useful storage box built underneath as a garden seat. This means you can cover up an unsightly spot and clear another area of all those garden tools. Brilliant and they start at just £79.99

Artificial Grass

Got an unsightly spot where the grass won’t grow? No problem.

Install a few meters of artificial grass. It’s more realistic than ever before and it can all be done in a day. No more muddy areas and no more mowing.

This is a pet-friendly, pronto project you can do with a pal and be quaffing a beer by teatime.

Build a rockery

This is a great idea because it doesn’t have to be too precise.

A few bags of topsoil and some stunning stone from our rockery stone collection such as a Cotswold Rockery Stone will draw gasps of envy from your neighbours. Top it off with a few hardy annuals and it will look after itself whilst making that grim part of the garden look well-designed and interesting.

Forwards are the professional’s choice

Forward stocks a large range of materials for immediate delivery and if you see something you like which we don’t stock, we can probably get it.

We serve many builders, landscape contractors and local authorities in the Ellesmere Port, Chester, Warrington and Liverpool areas but we also deliver nationwide. This also means if you are embarking on a DIY project, you’ll be using the same high-quality materials trusted by the pros.

Check out the full range and just call for any assistance of quantities or options. Call the Forward team on  033 00 55 2500

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