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How to make an impact with a new water feature


Water features are a way to bring sound and movement into gardens of all sizes, and the local birds will often be thankful for a new place to take a bath, too.

There are plenty of options to help you make an impact with a new water feature, so here are just a few things to keep in mind.

garden waterfall feature with lights

Power to the pump

The first thing to consider is how you will power the water pump (if you choose a water feature with a fountain or waterfall element).

If you have a safe outdoor electrical supply, that’s great. If not, consider whether to install one, use a safe weather-shielded outdoor extension lead, or opt for a solar-powered water feature instead.

There are also static water features such as reflecting pools and bird baths that don’t need a pump at all, if you just want some standing water in your garden.


Size and shape

Keep the size of your garden firmly in mind when choosing the size and shape of water feature you want.

In a small garden, you can still add considerable impact by choosing a tall water feature with a minimal footprint, which can stand in a corner without taking up too much ground space.

You could also opt for a built-in water feature such as a waterfall that runs down a rockery, to make good use of any landscaping and architectural features you already have in your garden.

tall water feature

Filter for the future

Think about long-term maintenance, as water features with pumps may also benefit from a filter box if possible.

This makes a good bank holiday DIY project, finding a way to build the filter box into your garden in a way that hides it, while also leaving it accessible for cleaning out the filter.


Line of sight

Finally, when placing your garden water feature, be aware of where you will be able to see it from in your garden.

It’s important to keep a clear line of sight to your fountain or waterfall from its best angle, while also disguising any ugly rear side, pump box or cabling from view.




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