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How to keep a water feature clean

As anyone with a water feature will know, they are a beautiful addition to the garden. But they also come with their fair share of maintenance to keep them looking tip-top. This isn’t to say it’s not a nice job, many owners love sprucing up their features and maintaining them is all part of the joy.

But take a look at our tips on keeping a water feature clean, after all, it’s nicer to have a glass of beer and listen to the gentle trickle of your waterfall then getting down and dirty in the water.

Jet wash it!

Firstly, if you’ve got a really dirty feature then it might be wise to evacuate all the fish (if any) and give the whole thing a good old jet wash. This will give you a good base from which to start again.

You can even use some of our Fountain Grime and Lime Cleaner Spray to assist.

Don’t forget to remove any gravel or stones and give them a good wash too. You might be inspired by our range of decorative gravel for ponds.

Install a soakaway

Simply put this involves digging a fairly large hole (normally 4ft-6ft deep at least) at a low point in the garden and filling it with stone. Grade the stone using the larger ones at the bottom and then gradually reducing in size nearer the top.

You can then either leave the top of it exposed as a feature stone area or cover it. Water will naturally gravitate to the lowest point. The idea is for the retained water to have somewhere to go and in effect lowers the water table level of your garden away from the surface. If the problem isn’t too severe this will normally do the trick.

Fountain Citronella Water Scent

We love this as not only will it give the garden a lovely fragrance, but the citronella naturally repels flying insects that would normally foul the water.

Fountain Shine Spray

The products available these days are amazing, and this is no exception. It’s easy to use and helps to preserve radiance. All whilst leaving it smear-free.

Water-friendly plants that keep your feature clean

Here are our top five water plants so Mother Nature can help with the chores and you can admire your feature.

  • Hornwort

  • Water Lettuce

  • Water Hyacinth

  • Duckweed
  • Water Thyme

Forwards are the professional’s choice

Forward stocks a large range of materials to make a water feature or we have a range of plug and play water features that will look great and can be installed in a jiffy.

We serve many builders, landscape contractors and local authorities in the Ellesmere Port, Chester, Warrington and Liverpool areas but we also deliver nationwide.

This also means if you are embarking on a DIY project, you’ll be using the same high-quality materials trusted by the pros. Check out the full range and for any assistance of quantities or advice just call the Forward team on 033 00 55 2500

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