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Polar White Gravel

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Stone Size: 8-11mm & 20mm

Polar white chippings are attractive angular marble stones and a popular aggregate choice for many garden projects. The white contemporary gravel have a natural sparkle in the sunlight, making them a great choice for enhancing water features. As well as looking great, the versatility of polar white chippings also makes them a popular choice for the following:

  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Garden borders
  • Plant toppers. 

This comes as the stones help suppress weed growth and reflect heat to retain soil moisture and support plant growth. 

Polar white gravel is available in 20kg bags or larger bulk bags weighing between 850kg-1000kg. Bulk bags hold approximately 0.64 cubic metres.

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Stone Size

8mm – 11mm, 20mm






20kg Plastic Bag, Bulk Bag

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