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Some Great Garden Ideas With Gravel

Using gravel as part of garden design has become really popular in recent years. In turn, this has given rise to a wide choice of decorative and practical gravels to choose from.
Some Great Garden Ideas With Gravel
Using gravel as part of garden design has become really popular in recent years. In turn, this has given rise to a wide choice of decorative and practical gravels to choose from. So whatever type of look you’re after, or whatever colour scheme you’d like to create, there’s a decorative gravel that will be perfect. Just get your creative imagination going and then gravel up, you won’t be alone, gravel has become a popular feature amongst amateur and professional garden designers alike.

Areas in the garden where gravel can look great

• Highlighting feature areas • Surrounding a pond or water feature • Inside potted plants and trees • A low maintenance lawn replacement (usually in a smaller garden) • An easy to install weed-free path • Zone segregation, such as a table area

The benefits of gravel in a garden

• It’s decorative and so highlights key areas • There’s a wide selection so it can match any style • It’s quick to install. • It’s got security built in (it makes a sound when walked on) • It’s weed-free • It can be changed easily if you change your design • It’s versatile; make gravel paths, gravel flower beds or even larger gravel feature areas

How much gravel do I need?

It depends on what you’re doing. For the smaller areas, it’s wise to buy a few small bags and add the gravel as you go. A small bag of gravel should cover say a quarter of a square metre depending on depth. So, if you allowed 4 bags per square metre you won’t go far wrong. Don’t worry if you buy an extra bag by mistake, you’ll always find a potted plant that will look great with it. Or just use it as drainage at the bottom of your pots. For larger areas just get one of our bulk gravel bags delivered to your door. They will generally cover approximately 14 square meters at an average depth of 50mm.

Front garden ideas with gravel

The front garden often gets neglected, we get to the gate, see how messy it is and then hurry in the front door. They tend to be small patches of poor-quality grass or a never-ending weed-fest between ugly paving flags. Gravel solves all that. No more mowing a tiny piece of grass or weeding between those broken flags. And your new-look gravel front garden can all be installed in a jiffy. Once you’ve removed the old landscaping and taken it to the tip, you can rake it flat, lay down a weed membrane (it stops weeds growing but let’s rainwater through) and then add gravel to suit the house. A nice Polar Ice Gravel often looks great at the front of a house.

Can I plant through gravel?

Yes of course, it’s easy and we think it looks great. Just move the gravel gently away from the planting area, cut a cross through the membrane and add your plant along with your favourite compost. Then cover over with the soil and move the gravel back up to the plant stem. Then water in. We think Alpines suit this job, or slow growing ground covering plants. They add a nice soft focal point and contrast the harshness of the stone. It can look really effective if it’s done right.

Garden borders with gravel

Gravel is such a good choice here. It can really highlight border plants, stop the weeds growing and a sharp-edged stone deters those slugs from your Hosta’s. Add a weed-proof membrane and then just sprinkle your gravel all around, even right up to the flowers themselves. Don’t worry if you want to add more plants, just move the gravel away and go for it. Maybe use some nice bold Blue Slate Chippings for a dramatic contrasting effect and even add a few Blue Slate Rockery Stone. These are larger stones that will add dramatic effect to the smaller gravel.

Small garden ideas with gravel

We think decorative gravel really comes into its own in a small garden. Lawns in a small area are often more trouble than they are worth (you can always use artificial grass as an alternative and we have a great selection available), so gravel can be a great maintenance-free choice that will look fabulous whatever the weather. No more storing that mower that’s half as big as the lawn itself. What’s more, you can change the gravel as your tastes change. How about Cotswold Gravel for an uplifting Mediterranean look?

A decorative gravel path

These look great in a garden and add an attractive way of leading your eye through the landscaping. They’re also quick and easy to install. Generally speaking, there’s no need to lay a heavy sub-base as there’s only the weight of humans on it. Just dig out the pathway, stomp it down, add a weed membrane and then tip on the gravel. Voila, it’s done. You might want to add some edges so the gravel doesn’t ‘travel’ but it’s not critical. And don’t worry if it sinks a little here and there, you can just top up the gravel with an extra bag when required. Maybe go for a nice 10mm Golden Flint Gravel as this is slightly smaller and will sound lovely under-foot.

Gravel in water features

We think it’s great to differentiate areas of a garden with gravel.

Maybe next to the lawn, it would be nice to have an area for a lover’s seat, under an arch with the gravel underfoot. Sounds ideal and it’s a very quick, cost-effective and interesting feature to add to the garden.

Again, don’t worry about a strong sub-base as there’s only the weight of humans on it. Just make sure the bare ground is trodden well down, add a weed membrane then barrow in the gravel.  Job done and time to open the wine.

Table and chairs areas are another great place to zone off with a different floor covering. How about a nice Derbyshire Gold stone to add that French Riviera look to your Southport Semi.

Of course, a larger area, including lawn replacement means you’ll need a larger amount of gravel. This is where our gravel bulk-bags come in handy. We can drop them right at your door and you can re-use the bag for your garden rubbish to keep the car clean when you go to the tip.

Large areas of gravel in a garden

This is a great use of your outdoor space and whether you are creating a koi-carp pond that the Emperor of China would be proud of or just a quiet corner with an electric water feature in it, decorative gravel can often make the project really stand out.

Just add it around the larger stones or amongst the surrounding foliage or even in the water itself.

If you’re feeling really adventurous you can add some Chilli Red Pot Topper.

Gravel gardening is trending

It’s true, gravel has become a real feature of modern gardens.

It’s quick and easy to install, it looks great, it’s generally cost effective and you can install it all yourself, well just you and a decent wheelbarrow.

Plus, the amazing choice of styles and colours means you can really use it in a creative way when you’re designing your outdoor space.

So, whether it’s a Polished Black Pebbles you’re after or a vivid Aqua Sea Pot Topper, we’ve got you…and your garden covered. Get creative and for a fabulous choice just visit our decorative gravel page here and then call on 0330 055 2500 for delivery. We deliver nationwide.
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