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How To Construct a Basic Decking

A decking is a great addition to any garden and can be installed quickly. Even better, basic deckings are not too difficult to have a go at yourself!
How To Construct a Basic Decking

A decking is a great addition to any garden and can be installed quickly. Which means if you build a basic decking, you can cover up an unsightly spot (even go over an old patio area) and be firing up the BBQ just before it starts raining.

Our top-tip here is to save on cutting wood, wherever you can try and stick to the standard lengths (or multiples of) when planning out your new deck.

Ok, get the old tools dusted off and let’s get started.

Step 1

Clear the site and if required dig out the area so it’s a level as possible. Use some pegs and string to guide you.

Step 2

Lay some flags or similar that the decking frame will rest on, normally the corners. This will mean it’s not sitting in standing water and it will last much longer

Step 3

Fix the sub-frame together with suitable fixings and lay over the area making any adjustments to meet with the stone pads. Make sure your frame has enough cross braces to make it strong, so it doesn’t dip when walked on. If you are fixing the base to a building, now is the time to do this. Use strong suitable fixings and drill into the brickwork of the house. If you are not fixing to a house, you can drive stakes into a lawn for example until they are solid and fix your deck frame to them. Be careful and be aware of any underground cables and pipes.

Step 4

When your frame is solid and in position, lay your decking boards across. Measure them accurately and cut them accordingly. It’s a good idea to use a chop-saw here so your edges are square. Make sure you fix them to every cross brace, or they will spring up and be sure to counter-sink the screws so there’s no chance of anyone catching their bare feet.

Step 5

Finish them with a run over with sandpaper then a stain or oil of your choice. Finally, tidy up but don’t burn your decking, it gives off toxic fumes.

Step 6

Crack open a beer and marvel at your skills. We’d love to help you with your decking project, check out our range of decking materials and give us a call so we can help you get the quantities of materials spot on.

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