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Is porcelain good for outdoor paving?

Porcelain paving has become increasingly popular in recent years with everyone from homeowners to landscape and interior designers – and it’s not hard to understand why
Is porcelain good for outdoor paving?

Porcelain paving has become increasingly popular in recent years with everyone from homeowners to landscape and interior designers – and it’s not hard to understand why.

It is not only easy on the eye, but in some cases performs even better than natural stone.

Porcelain paving contains natural ingredients, but is manmade from a mix of clay, sand and minerals that are subjected to intense heat. This makes porcelain paving slabs extremely tough, but they have other properties too that make them a fantastic choice for outdoor paving projects.

However, not all porcelain slabs are of the same quality, so if you want a stronger, longer-lasting material for your project you need to buy from a reputable dealer.

At Forward Builders’ Supplies, our outdoor porcelain paving is manufactured in Italy. Fired at a lower temperature and for a longer time than that sourced elsewhere, it is an excellent choice for outdoor paving.

Advantages of porcelain for outdoor paving

Greater choice

Outdoor porcelain paving can be manufactured to imitate different kinds of natural stone, like marble, limestone and granite and in different colour and textures. That means you get a great deal of choice without the hefty price tag attached to some types of natural stone.

Low maintenance

If you don’t want the onerous task of sealing and forever power washing your patio or driveway, then porcelain pavers are definitely something you need to consider for your next outdoor project. Just brushing off leaves and debris and the occasional wash down with soapy water should bring out all their inherent beauty.


Outdoor porcelain paving is extremely hardwearing, which is exactly what you want for a pathway or patio. Manufactured in 20mm thick slabs, there is no way these porcelain pavers are going to break easily over time. If you look after them, they will pay you back by looking as good as new for years to come.


Porcelain slabs are the perfect match for the British climate because they can withstand every type of weather condition, from freezing cold winters to baking hot summers; rain or shine. They are non-porous, so largely slip resistant and won’t get too hot underfoot.


If you buy your porcelain from Forward Builders’ Supplies, you can be assured you are doing your bit to help the planet. This is because energy recycling prioritised in Italian porcelain factories also reduces the carbon footprint of the product to a size that is much smaller than competitors in other factories across the world.

Design and aesthetic

Porcelain paving gives you a host of options when it comes to designing your outdoor space.

It can be created in large-format slabs that are perfect for a sleek minimalist look, while you can get a charming traditional feel from designs that are more textured and weathered.

You can even achieve a rustic vibe with porcelain tiles that look like wood, or choose colourful patterned tiles for a Mediterranean design.

Want to see what the porcelain will look like at your house? At Forward Builders’ Supplies, we offer FREE samples which are approximately 100mm x 100mm in size.

You can take a full-size tile for £24 which is then refunded when it is returned.

Considerations and limitations

Cost is one reason why you might be put off investing in porcelain tiles because they are more expensive than some other options.
Another thing to consider is installa
tion. Outdoor porcelain paving is a hard product which, as mentioned above, is a bonus for several reasons. However, that can also make it a challenge when it comes to making the types of precise cut required to achieve the perfect finish. If you don’t have the appropriate, tools then you may have to hire someone who has, therefore adding to the cost.

Maintenance and care tips

Our wonderful outdoor porcelain paving is manufactured to such a high standard that it needs little maintenance to retain its good looks. However, if tiles do get damaged, they won’t be difficult to remove and replace. Our tip would be to buy a few extra and keep them aside in case some get cracked or broken.

If you want to know more, our expertise is second to none. We can advise you on the installation, cutting and upkeep of porcelain. We’ve even visited the factories in Italy where our porcelain is produced to see for ourselves the high standards applied to manufacture a premium-quality product.

At Forward Builder’s Supplies we offer FREE delivery within a 60-mile radius of our depot

And we not only supply the porcelain tiles but also the materials you need to successfully lay them.

So why delay? Get in touch now if you have any questions.

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