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Limestone Paving

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  1. Limestone Setts Midnight Black
    Limestone Setts Midnight Black
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Why choose limestone paving?

 Whether you are looking to add style to your garden patio or create a hardwearing pathway, limestone paving is a great paving option candidate. Limestone has all the characteristics you want from your paving - stylish, hardwearing, and long-lasting.

Here is a closer look at these key characteristics in more detail:


Durability - all of our natural stone paving is from sedimentary rocks and share similar characteristics. With all being a good option for the British climate, limestone paving slabs and setts come out on top.


Style - as well as being durable, limestone paving looks good. Although colour options are not as extensive as sandstone paving, the texture is more uniform and flat making it a great option if a contemporary style to your outdoor space is what you want. The texture of limestone paving and pavers also make it a popular choice for driveways.


Long lasting - if maintained and cared for, limestone paving slabs will last a long time. As it weathers with age, limestone retains its character and withstands the natural discolouring that you may find with other paving materials.


All our products are carefully selected and sourced from a range of leading manufacturers including Global Stone, Bowland Stone and Marshalls. As a result of this - we can offer guaranteed quality when it comes to all of our limestone paving products.

For more natural paving options, we stock a wide range of sandstone paving slabs and pavers.

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