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Grey Slate Chippings

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Stone Size: 40mm

Our grey slate chippings, also known as black or graphite slate, is a decorative aggregate most commonly used for borders, walkways and enhancing outdoor features. 

Features and benefits:

  • Durable and natural coloured aggregate – almost black when wet and dark grey when dry.
  • Helps to stop weed growth – it is recommended that weed control fabric is also used. 
  • Provides efficient drainage when used as ground cover or as a topper for plant pots. 
  • The versatility of this slate makes it the ideal aggregate for many domestic landscaping projects. 
  • Available in 20kg bags, or larger bulk bags weighing approx 850kg-1000kg.

We also stock blue slate chippings, plum slate chippings and green slate chippings with an average stone size of 40mm.

There will be variances in colour, on occasion different colour veins of slate may be mixed in.


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